The Workers' Climate Plan Survey

The Workers' Climate Plan Survey submission deadline has passed. Please feel free to take the survey, but understand that we may not be able to include your opinion in our final report.

Iron & Earth, the organization behind the Workers' Climate Plan project, would like to capture your priorities and perspectives to help shape the Government of Canada's decision-making around the economic, environmental and community aspects of clean energy development in Canada. As someone employed in the skilled trades or a citizen simply interested in climate issues, your opinions matter, and this survey is a medium for Canadians to influence the National Climate Strategy. Results will be included in our final Workers’ Climate Plan submission to the federal government with a main focus on bringing forward the voices of skilled trades workers and their families. However, all are Canadians are welcome to take part in the survey.

To date, there has been little research on the perspectives of energy workers on climate change, and little is known about the needs and expectations of those that work in the trades, especially those in the industrial energy sector, as our country moves forward developing new energy and climate change policies -- policies that are bound to have significant effects on abour and the livelihoods of many.  

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