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Low oil prices. Unemployment. Canadian oil sands workers are having a tough time. We have a workers' led plan to grow energy sector job opportunities for Canadians.


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Now is the time for Canadian workers' to join the renewable energy revolution

37 Percent growth in clean energy jobs in past five years
93 Percent increase in clean energy capacity since 2009
144,000 Potential jobs in renewable energy


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The Workers' Climate Plan & The Federal Climate Consultations

Over the summer of 2016, The Government of Canada led a consultation process to get the input of Canadians before unveiling their National Climate Strategy, a result of signing the Paris Agreement to limit increasing global temperatures and the impacts of climate change.

Iron & Earth developed a plan to support industrial energy sector workers across the country in participating in this process, voicing support for a climate change strategy that works for workers, families, communities, the economy, and the environment.

Our members made their voices -- the voices of concerned oil, gas and coal workers -- heard at town hall meetings across the country and contributed to the development of the Workers Climate Plan Report, a planning document to prepare Canada's skilled trades workforce for jobs in renewable energy.

On November 1, 2016 we completed the Workers Climate Plan Report. We invite you to read it and learn more about what oil, gas and coal think about our future with a changing climate.


About Iron & Earth

The Workers' Climate Plan is brought to you by Iron & Earth, a non-profit founded by oil sands workers that want to see action taken on climate change.

We already have the skilled workforce to build the energy projects of the future. Workers just need training and policy that supports renewable sector growth. Thousands of out of work trades people can be put to work in renewable energy jobs.

Positive Change

We believe trades people in Canada have a vital role to play in combating climate change. Let's get to work. It is time to build a better future.

More info

Check out www.ironandearth.org or visit our Facebook page.

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